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The Growing Popularity of Unisex Fragrances

As worldviews evolve, so do our industry views…fashion, cosmetics, skincare, fragrance all target a new fluidity in creativity and development. There is now a broader acceptance of what traditionally used to be feminine or masculine product assortments. Unisex has been the recognized term that defines an item for both men and women. A product can be considered unisex or genderless in its approach targeting more openness in expression and individuality. Look at fluid celebrity examples like Harry Styles, Janelle Monae, Jared Leto, Billy Porter, and Cara Delevingne.

So…what then identifies a “unisex” fragrance in both development and marketing?

What Makes a Fragrance Unisex, Gender Neutral or Androgynous?

In all actuality, all fragrances could be considered non-gender or androgynous. Therein lies the wonderful world of fragrance and the ability to capture individual preferences and selections that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Identifying a fragrance as “unisex” is in reference to its targeted appeal to all genders. When it comes to “categorizing” a fragrance as unisex, or for no particular gender, it can be a very subjective evaluation. What connotes a unisex fragrance? What are the qualifications and/or deciding factors in the development process?

Far from being traditional, the development focus on fragrances today is more a concentration on intent and inspiration felt by the brand and perfumer. What is the “story” behind the final olfactory presentation? With this interpretation, the customer can conceptualize their own personalization to the aroma and participate in a shared experience. Phlur’s Missing Person EDP has taken us on a complete genderless journey in its broad appeal.

Perfumes are designed and formulated to be enjoyed. They are an accessory to your mood, occasion, outfit and sometimes just a lovely habit to complete a ritual. You may be drawn to a cologne that shares a favorite accord or olfactory note not even knowing the demographic it was designed to target. Or a perfume with a fruity gourmand scent that appeals simply because it presents beautifully on your skin or evokes a fond memory.

Unisex Fragrance Notes with Universal Appeal

Historically, notes in the amber and woody families have been defined as more masculine. This comes from the original development of men’s colognes in the industry dating back to the early 20th century. It was felt that their appeal was more reflective of the elements that encompassed the male environment. Personal preference is always key in the evolution of fragrance development so certainly men’s fragrances have taken a much more expansive olfactory path.

Fragrances with woody base notes are trending in both the male and female market. Wood notes each have unique and diverse range characteristics from resin-like scents that are warm, creamy, nutty, musty even camphoraceous, to drier notes of cedar and vetiver. Wood notes are robust with a warm and mysterious character creating a luxurious base to a fragrance for a long-lasting impression on whomever wears it. We find the wide appeal of Phlur’s Somebody Wood fits in this realm of explanation.

We’ve also called out the universal appeal of today’s gourmand fragrances. The intriguing twist of adding a fruit, floral or musk note to inspire uniqueness also brings a strong genderless approachability to this trending category. Phlur’s Vanilla Skin Body Mist, Strawberry Letter EDP and Sweet Smoke Candle successes are a clear testament to popularity across all demographics.

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