Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to the world of PHLUR

We create modern fine fragrances—mindfully formulated, responsibly sourced and meticulously crafted by world-class perfumers. Our fragrances are inspired by memories, moments, experiences and feelings— those that are intimately personal and universally shared.

Meet owner & Creative director:

Chriselle Lim

Hi. My name is Chriselle and I am the new Owner and Creative Director of PHLUR. 

I was introduced to PHLUR a few years ago and fell in love with Améline- a bright, modern rose fragrance that happens to be one of the brand’s bestsellers. Fast forward to 2021- a chaotic year for us all, and one that was personally very challenging for me. When the opportunity presented itself to lead PHLUR, a brand that I admired so much into its next phase of growth, I felt like I couldn’t pass it up.

So you might be asking, “Why fragrance?”

To me, fragrance and fashion have always been connected. Fragrance is an extension of style. It allows us to narrate a mood, elevate a vibe, and it can help us express who we are…or who we want to be. Fragrance helps us communicate. It tells stories. And I’m excited to be a storyteller through PHLUR. 

So- what do we have planned? So, so much! I’m beyond excited to share with you all of the new fragrances and product formats that we have been developing.

For those of you that have been longtime fans of PHLUR, I’m sure you have questions. I hope you’ll find that the thoughtfulness and intention of PHLUR is still present as we evolve. You’ll find answers to some of your most commonly asked questions here.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. I appreciate your love and support and I can’t wait to share more.


Why we don’t use the word “CLEAN” anymore.

To me, Phlur has always been a very forward-thinking brand and that will not change. Our philosophy on formulations, ingredients, transparency and sustainability will remain the same.

What does need to change is the language we use to describe who we are as a brand.

Historically, Phlur is known as a “clean” brand, but that is a word that means different things to different people. Within the beauty industry the word “clean” isn’t regulated. I also believe in some instances, “clean” language can be negative and create unnecessary or unvalidated concerns among consumers.

As opposed to focusing on what ingredients are not in our formulas, I’d rather focus on the ingredients we choose to use and why. I hope this gives our customers the opportunity to decide for themselves what is important to them.

To me, this feels “modern and intentional”. Maybe that’s the best way to describe PHLUR now.

Our Philosophy on Ingredients and Sustainability

At Phlur, we use both natural and synthetic ingredients. 

We love botanical ingredients for the character they lend to our fragrances, however natural doesn’t always equal safer. In some cases, synthetic ingredients can be less allergenic than certain natural ingredients. 

Harvesting natural ingredients for fine fragrance can require tons of botanicals for a very small amount of material. Many natural ingredients are at risk of becoming over harvested and endangered. We partner with the world’s leading fragrance suppliers to ensure we are utilizing sustainable natural materials and we are being respectful of the environment. 

With all this considered, we may choose to use nature-identical synthetics because it’s a more sustainable or thoughtful choice while offering broader fragrance possibilities to our perfumers to develop true fine fragrance creations.

Packaging Considerations

Sustainability has always been a priority at Phlur. 

Producing and utilizing packaging materials for a product brand like ours is inevitable and necessary. I believe we can make thoughtful choices along the way that can reduce our impact on the planet while still being functional and beautiful.

In our updated packaging we’ve reduced our plastic usage, stopped the use of cellophane film, reduced our paper usage, and replaced our single-use plastics with PCR materials.

As we learn more, we will do more, but for today we are happy with our accomplishments so far.