Perfumery Terms

What Are Base Notes In Perfumery?

Why is it that your perfume can last all day long?  How is it that the aroma seems to evolve from when you first sprayed it on?  The bottom part of the recognized fragrance pyramid helps us to understand why.  The notes or accords that are referred to as the bottom, base or dry down notes have the heaviest molecules and lowest volatility which allows them to evaporate the slowest, leaving the longest lasting fragrance impression. 

Base notes can start intermingling with the middle aromatic section of a fragrance within 8-10 minutes, becoming more dominant around 30 minutes and can last for many hours, even over 24 hours, depending on the olfactory character of the fragrance. They are known to be the deepest and richest scents in the fragrance blend profile.  Most often base notes are warm, sensual and woody, composed of aromatic impressions from the woods and amber families. Some of the most common base notes with staying power include sandalwood, cedarwood, leather, powdery notes and musks.

Phlur’s Somebody Wood is a great option for woody fragrance lovers as its base notes include sandalwood and cedarwood paired with moss notes. Another great option for woody fragrance lovers from the Phlur assortment is Hanami. It includes sandalwood, vetiver, and musk for a beautifully woody base.  Our spicy floral, Not Your Baby, conveys a truly unapologetic blend of milky vanilla, tonka bean and sandalwood in its base level.  

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Tips For Layering Fragrances

When layering scents, you want to experiment by mixing and matching scents with similar profiles or olfactive aromas to create a fragrance unique to you–something familiar, but completely your own. If you are trying to increase the longevity of the fragrance, you will want to start with stronger or heavier scents to act as a base.

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Our Most Viral Perfume & Body Mist Moments

“Going viral” is a well-known phenomenon, yet the mystique deepens when a perfume manages to 'break the internet.' Unlike tangible items (think dresses or jackets with measurable dimensions and visible fabric), translating a fragrance into the digital realm is a nuanced undertaking. It requires compelling storytelling to elicit a visceral response, not unlike the experience of 'love at first smell.'

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When To Use A Perfume Vs. A Body Mist

When it comes to picking out a fragrance, we tend to lean toward olfactory notes that appeal to us and work well when sprayed on our skin.  A perfume truly does reflect a person’s personality or energy and emotion of the moment.  It’s a fun way to communicate without talking.  But what about all the different formats that a fragrance can come in when purchasing a product? How do you decide what is the appropriate format application for the moment or the occasion?  Just like skin care or body care, fragrance products come in different “strengths”.  A “splash” of fragrance can seem very subtle and complimentary or a full “spray” can linger with us all day or evening.

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