What Is The Woody Fragrance Family?

What Is The Woody Fragrance Family?

The woody fragrance family represents dry, warm and mossy wood scents as well as aromatic aromas typically in the base notes. The robust and mysterious characteristics help create luxurious and long-lasting impressions. The woody, earthy and smoky base notes are considered very unisex. This family can be referred to as soft and inviting….warm and comforting.

Scent Profile

The woody fragrance profile encompasses a unique and diverse range of characteristics from resin-like scents that are warm, creamy, nutty, musty even camphoraceous, to drier notes of cedar and vetiver. Timeless aromatic qualities are composed of herbaceous notes such as sage, rosemary, thyme, basil and lavender blended with traditional fougere accord complemented with citrus, spices and woods.

Common Woody Fragrance Family Notes

  • Warm scents like sandalwood, vetiver and cedar
  • Earthy, sweet notes like oakmoss and amber
  • Deep and smoky aromas with added leather
  • Fresh, clean herbal and evergreen aromas

Subfamilies of the Woody Olfactive Family

  • Woods
  • Mossy Woods
  • Dry Woods
  • Aromatic Herbs / Fougere

Origin of the Woody Fragrance Family:

The creation of the woody family was a natural progression when the distinctive notes were identified by their opulent woody character and elements coming from materials like trees, resin, moss, bark, pine cones and bushes but also roots. Grasses, leaves and the fougere (fern) notes were added with their intensely earthy, woody characteristics to expand the family. You often hear the term chypre for fragrance notes typically built on an accord of oakmoss, patchouli and labdanum.