Vetiver Scent in Perfumery

What Is Vetiver?

Vetiver is a rich and earthy scent with subtle spicy and floral notes. 


Originating in South Asia, the vetiver essential oil has been used in ancient scents as an “oil of tranquility”. It was not used commercially in the perfumery world until the early 1800’s. 

What Type of Fragrance Note Is Vetiver Used As?

Notably used as a base accord in perfumery, vetiver is mainly incorporated into masculine fragrances but is gaining popularity among feminine fragrances as well. 

Ingredient Type:

Vetiver is a raw natural material harvested most commonly from Haiti, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Due to the scent’s complex chemical nature, there is no synthetic alternative to vetiver. 

Scent Profile:

Vetiver’s scent has been described as fresh cut grass but with warmer and richer undertones. Its distinct dry scent is earthy and woody with citrus, floral or smoky notes depending on the variety used. 

Variations of Vetiver in Perfumery:

The versatility of vetiver differs greatly depending on the location of the vetiver plant’s harvesting and the type of vetiver used. The two most popular types of vetiver are the Haitain type, which is cleaner and more floral in aroma, and the Indonesian type, which is warmer and smokier in aroma. 

What Fragrance Family is Vetiver in?

Vetiver belongs to the Woody fragrance family on account of its dry, grassy and warm scent. 

Phlur Perfumes Containing Vetiver: