Oakmoss Scent in Perfumery

Oakmoss Scent in Perfumery

What Is Oakmoss?

Oakmoss is a strong earthy scent used to add sensuality and depth to perfumes. 


Oakmoss was first popularized by Coty’s Chypre in 1917 but it has been used for centuries by the Romans. 


Oakmoss is used as a base note to anchor more volatile scents, such as citrus scents.  

Ingredient Type:

Oakmoss is a raw material derived from the lichen that grows on the trunks of oak trees. 

What Does Oakmoss Smell Like?

Oakmoss has a woodsy nature that imparts a warm, intense and damp earthy smell when used in perfumery. 

Variations of Oakmoss in Perfumery:

The aroma of oakmoss varies based on the different trees from which lichen is harvested and whether the licken was dry or wet.

What Fragrance Family is Oakmoss in?

Oakmoss is one of the characteristic raw materials of chypre perfumes which fall into the Woody fragrance family or the Mossy Wood sub-family to be more precise.

Phlur Perfumes Containing Oakmoss: