What Is Musk Scent in Perfumery?

What Is Musk Scent in Perfumery?

What Is Musk?

Musk is a warm subtle scent defined by a complex range of powdery, sweet, woodsy and earthy aroma impressions. Fruity or floral undertones can also be detected depending on the musk.


Musk Bauer made the first commercially available synthetic musk in 1888 by Albert Baur. Before this, musky scents such as deer-derived tonkin musk were obtained from animals. In nature, musky scents are associated with pheromones and mating. 

What Type of Fragrance Note Is Musk Used As?

Musk scents are used mostly often in base notes to add long lasting allure to fragrances. 

Ingredient Type:

While originally derived from animals, musky scents are now exclusively obtained from ethical safe synthetic sources. Though less common it is also possible to obtain musk scents from plants. 

What Does Musk Smell Like?

The alluring and seductive nature of this scent is powdery, soft, and somewhat sweet. It has been described as a better version of our natural skin scent. 

Variations of Musk in Perfumery:

Synthetic musk, often referred to as white musk, is found in three different variations: aromatic nitro musks, polycyclic musk compounds and macrocyclic musk compounds. Polycyclic and macrocyclic musks are the most common derivations that impart a powdery and soft scent.

What Fragrance Family is Musk in?

Musk belongs to the Amber fragrance family because of its warm and rich scent. 

Phlur Perfumes Containing Musk: