What Is The Amber Fragrance Family?

The amber fragrance family is frequently described as rich, sensual and exotic.  Amber fragrances tend to be considered the most long lasting. Heady and diffusive amber fragrances have an aura of mystical nuances with exotic elements and gourmand facets to drive a youthful addiction to the fragrance.  This family can be referred to as…soft and inviting….warm and comforting.

Scent Profile

The amber fragrance profile is opulent.  The impressions are derived from intense scents such as amber, vanilla, spice, incense, woods and animalic and resinous notes. Like the floral family, the amber family is broad and can range from fruity and bright to dark and spicy. 

Common Amber Fragrance Family Notes

  • Delicate floral notes along with warm spices and heady incense 
  • Cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla and musk are common aromas
  • Intense, earthy and spicy sensual notes like agarwood and oud


  • Soft Amber
  • Amber
  • Woody Amber

Origin of the Floral Fragrance Family:

The floral scent family was established to incorporate the aroma compounds emitted by floral (or flower) elements including petals but has evolved to include powdery and fruity elements as well as warm notes of spice, resins and vanilla in combination with vivid flower aromas.