amber scent in perfume

Amber Scent In Perfume

What Is Amber?

Amber in perfumery is not an actual material but is a reference to a synthetically developed full-bodied accord that uses synthetic materials like patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, and vanilla. Often used in “amber” fragrances to give off a warm, rich and sensual feel.


Natural amber is produced through fossilized tree resin and takes many years to form. Amber accords are now produced synthetically, with ambroxan and labdanum absolute used the most frequently in perfume development. Different synthetic variations of amber each come with their own unique scent profile, while all combinations remain warm and sweet.


Amber is most commonly used as a base note in fragrances. It provides a warmth and depth to fragrances and is known to be a comforting scent. Amber is frequently used in what were previously referred to as “oriental” fragrances due to their complex spice accords.

Ingredient Type:

Amber originally consisted of both natural and safe synthetic ingredients, including vanilla, patchouli, labdanum, styrax, and benzoin. Synthetic amber is now used in the fragrance industry. Ambroxan, utilized when creating an amber accord, smells warm, woody, and leathery. It is the most commonly used amber synthetic in fragrances. Labdanum absolute is a sustainable plant based resin that also has amber notes. Phlur uses safe synthetic variations of amber in our fragrances.

Scent Profile of Amber in Perfume:

Amber provides fragrances with a rich, warm, sweet, and spicy scent profile.

What Fragrance Family is Amber in?

Amber ironically belongs to the amber olfactive fragrance family.

Phlur Perfumes Containing Amber:

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