Perfumery Terms

What Is An Accord In Perfumery?

A perfumery accord is a combination of aromatic materials that acquire a distinctive character and become more than a sum of their parts. These combinations or blends are created to represent a defined aroma that is then incorporated into a larger solution to create the end result. The quintessential brick used to build the perfume house. This full evolution of customized raw materials balanced together to create a unique fragrance aroma can help deliver the overall theme of the fragrance…the main character that draws attention.

Perfumers train years to perfect these types of balanced odor intensity accords. With thousands of natural and synthetic elements to work with, new accords can take time to evolve. Examples of well known accords used in perfumery today are chypre, leather, fougère and amber.

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The Growing Popularity of Unisex Fragrances

Identifying a fragrance as “unisex” is in reference to its targeted appeal to all genders. When it comes to “categorizing” a fragrance as unisex, or for no particular gender, it can be a very subjective evaluation. What connotes a unisex fragrance? What are the qualifications and/or deciding factors in the development process?

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Fragrance Longevity 101

We’ve all experienced or heard others proclaim “I love this perfume but it doesn’t last very long.” What qualifies as “long lasting” in a perfume? What contributes to a perfume's ability to be long lasting or have “wear longevity”? What is the average time a perfume should last on your skin? Fragrance longevity is essentially the length of time the olfactory presence stays detectable on the skin of the wearer. It’s not an easy straightforward time period for all perfumes.

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Why Gourmand Perfumes Are So Universally Appealing

Reference to the term gourmand primarily focuses on a connoisseur of food. A person who enjoys and appreciates good food, good wine and good company with which to enjoy it. So it seems very natural to attach this same appreciation to a gourmand fragrance in the perfume industry. The broad characteristic of a gourmand fragrance or perfume is that it smells edible.

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