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Why Gourmand Perfumes Are So Universally Appealing

Reference to the term gourmand primarily focuses on a connoisseur of food. A person who enjoys and appreciates good food, good wine and good company with which to enjoy it. So it seems very natural to attach this same appreciation to a gourmand fragrance in the perfume industry. The broad characteristic of a gourmand fragrance or perfume is that it smells edible.

The aroma of homemade sugar cookies, the scent of freshly dipped caramel apples or even a fresh pot of coffee can conjure up wonderful memories and delectable cravings. These warm, mouth-watering and potentially addictive fragrance notes fall into an established “family” or category in the world of perfumery called “Gourmand”. This was originally how the category came to be adopted into the fragrance wheel. Today, the olfactory description has evolved and encompasses much more elevated notes and combinations but is still one of the most popular and well received accords.

How Has the Gourmand Fragrance Category Evolved?

The classic example of a gourmand perfume is Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum. This perfume helped bring broad attention to this appealing category. Top perfumers are now taking steps to create the next generation of gourmand fragrance oils and perfumes. The hint of a fruit note, a floral rose or a smoky musk has begun to turn the category on its head and offer a more balanced, sophisticated take on the traditional gourmand description. In reviewing some of the top fragrances with notable sweet or edible notes, we see a more subtle approach with an added complexity. Sweet but with so many added layers. A creamy olfactory response that brings a subtle maturity to the edible notes. A great example is our Phlur Vanilla Skin Body Mist. Strategically created to evoke an iconic creaminess but with a modern kaleidoscope of spice and intrigue. Phlur’s Amber Haze Body Mist delivers an undeniably addictive veil of vanilla, musk and jasmine while Phlur’s newest Strawberry Letter Eau de Parfum is a crisp, fruity gourmand that opens with playful juiciness and then transitions with unexpectedly chic decadence.

What Makes a Gourmand Perfume so Appealing Across All Demographics?

Though you can still recognize perfumes that sit squarely in the 'gourmand' family, the subtle difference in today’s modern versions are the intriguing scent additions of a fruit, floral or musk to inspire that uniqueness. A familiarity but with an intriguing twist. They are delicious. Fruity. Warm. Spicy. Smooth. A bit woody. Creamy. All of the good aromas are still there to find comfort in. The consensus is that gourmand fragrances continue to be incredibly popular on whoever is wearing one and whoever is smelling one!

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