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What Is The Amber Fragrance Family?

The amber fragrance family is frequently described as rich, sensual and exotic. Amber fragrances tend to be considered the most long lasting. Heady and diffusive amber fragrances have an aura of mystical nuances with exotic elements and gourmand facets to drive a youthful addiction to the fragrance.
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What Is The Woody Fragrance Family?

The woody fragrance family represents dry, warm and mossy wood scents as well as aromatic aromas typically in the base notes. The robust and mysterious characteristics help create luxurious and long-lasting impressions. The woody, earthy and smoky base notes are considered very unisex. This family can be referred to as soft and inviting….warm and comforting.
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What Is The Fresh Fragrance Family?

The fresh fragrance family is commonly associated with light, sparkling, bright and clean aromas. Lively and energetic fragrances exude a freshness derived primarily from citrus and fruity top notes. Refreshing green and watery aromas are also placed in this family.
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What Is the Floral Fragrance Family?

The floral fragrance family is typically classified as the broadest and most popular aromatic fragrance family. Florals are used as the heart notes of the fragrance and are blended with notes of citrus, fruit, wood and musk to create a diverse olfactive signature.
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Creation of Fragrance “Families” in Perfumery

When we think of the word “family”, we automatically think of close relationships and connections. Crossovers in genetic traits and personalities. Even if not related by blood, a family member may share mutual characteristics due to upbringing. This all plays into why the term “family” was established early on when describing olfactory scent categories. Each may have its own essence and nuances, and the terms to define each category, like human personalities and can certainly be said to relate.
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