floral fragrance family

What Is the Floral Fragrance Family?

The floral fragrance family is typically classified as the broadest and most popular aromatic fragrance family. Florals are used as the heart notes of the fragrance and are blended with notes of citrus, fruit, wood and musk to create a diverse olfactive signature. This olfactive family can be referred to as botanical and herbaceous….or emotional and romantic.

Scent Profile

The floral fragrance profile consists of all levels of flower, powder and sweet spice notes. A fragrance in the floral family can be based olfactory on one bloom in particular or a combination of floral “bouquet” elements.

Common Floral Fragrance Notes

  • Blooming scents of rose, jasmine and peonies
  • Powdery, delicate florals with creamier undertones
  • Floral scents with a hint of spice

Subfamilies of the Floral Olfactive Family

  • Floral - bouquets, green, fruit, aldehydic and woody combinations fall into this subcategory
  • Soft Floral
  • Floral Amber

Origin of the Floral Fragrance Family:

The floral olfactive family was established to incorporate the aroma compounds emitted by floral (or flower) elements including petals but has evolved to include powdery and fruity elements as well as warm notes of spice, resins and vanilla in combination with vivid flower aromas.