Cashmeran Scent in Perfumery

Cashmeran Scent in Perfumery

What is Cashmeran?

Cashmeran is a synthetic musk commonly used in perfumery. This lab-made molecule replicates the scent of natural musks, offering a warm and sensual aroma with woody, amber, and floral notes. It is highly valued for its ability to provide long-lasting and scent enhancing effects, making it a popular choice for creating complex and sophisticated scents. It is frequently used in perfumes, colognes, and scented candles to add depth and longevity to the fragrance.


Cashmeran, developed by the fragrance house IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) in the 1970s, is a synthetic musk used by perfumers as an alternative to natural musk. This synthetic material gained popularity for its warm, long-lasting and sensual scent, and its ability to enhance fragrance longevity and depth.


Cashmeran is utilized in perfumery as a substitute for natural musk, providing a warm and long-lasting scent with woody, amber, and floral undertones. As a base note in fragrance development, it provides the foundation of the fragrance and its lasting aroma. Cashmeran's ability to enhance and extend the longevity of the fragrance, as well as add depth and complexity, has made it a popular ingredient in creating unique and sophisticated scents.

Ingredient Type:

Cashmeran is a synthetic ingredient utilized in perfumery as a fragrance fixative and enhancer. It provides warm, musk-like undertones with woody and floral notes to fragrances. Cashmeran works in combination with other ingredients to create sophisticated, long-lasting scents.

What Does Cashmeran Smell Like?

Cashmeran is used in perfume development to impart a warm, woody, musky scent with floral and spicy undertones. Described as amber-like and velvety, it introduces a sense of richness and depth to fragrances. Cashmeran is a versatile ingredient that is used to enhance  floral, woody, and musk-like scents. However, its exact scent profile can vary depending on its source, form, and use level in a fragrance.

Variations of Cashmeran in Perfumery:

There are variations of cashmeran used in perfume development, each one lending unique qualities to the final fragrance:

  • Cashmeran White has a lighter and fresher scent with prominent floral and green notes.
  • Cashmeran Wood has a stronger, more intense woody aroma with spicy and amber undertones.
  • Cashmeran Amber has a distinct amber scent with woody and musky undertones.
  • Cashmeran Musk has a prominent musky scent with woody undertones.

What Fragrance Family is Cashmeran in?

Cashmeran belongs to the woody musk fragrance family because of its characteristic aroma profile, which evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. 

Phlur Perfumes Containing Cashmeran:

No Phlur fragrances utilize cashmeran materials at this time.

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