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Phlur’s Newest Vanilla Skin Perfume vs. Body Mist

When it comes to picking out a fragrance, a key selection process is evaluating the olfactive aroma and picking what resonates with your skin and occasion. Now you have an additional process to consider and that’s what format you prefer between perfume vs. body mist.

Key Differences Between the Vanilla Skin Perfume & Body Mist

Our Vanilla Skin Body & Hair Mist was created to sit in between a cologne and an EDT. It was formulated with less fragrance oil as well as less alcohol. The additional water content allows for the application on both skin and hair. It performs in a more subtle way as to be applied alone or layered with other perfumes with ease.

The popularity of our Vanilla Skin Body & Hair Mist inspired our perfumers to adjust its aromatic presence to present beautifully and complimentary in a Vanilla Skin Eau de Parfum format.

How do you decide which is the appropriate format application for you and the moment? Just like skin care or body care, fragrance products come in different “strengths”. A “splash” of fragrance can seem very subtle and complimentary or a full “spray” can linger with us all day or evening.

Vanilla Skin Perfume Benefits & Uses

Our new Vanilla Skin Perfume is a deeper, richer interpretation of Vanilla Skin Hair & Body Mist. Keeping a similar impression, the perfume plays with richer florals, gourmands and woods for something a bit unexpected and still addicting. An evolution of Vanilla Skin, the eau de parfum version dials up the decadent richness. The addition of caramel, ambers and musk add high-definition depth to the vanilla signature for an even more addictive, long-lasting trail.

A perfume can project and carry an impressive sillage, this is the “trail” or “wake” of the scent that follows the wearer. Keep in mind that an EDT or EDP perfume is meant to leave a bit of a trail so we recommend a perfume for occasions where a wake of your perfume is a lovely occurrence. A perfume is also developed to have longer wear times depending on the particular blend of notes.

Vanilla Skin Body Mist Benefits & Uses

Our Vanilla Skin Body Mist is the lighter, less intense fragrance application for both the body and, in some cases, the hair. We specifically blended to ensure a more subtle application that clings beautifully to the skin. A body mist is recommended for occasions where a less intense and shorter wear time are preferred.

Typically a body mist is used in one of two ways, it either acts as a layer when fragrance layering or it is used in place of a perfume (EDT or EDP). One of the key benefits of using a body mist is the ability to control how strong the fragrance you’re wearing presents to you and to others. A lighter presence can be appealing especially when applied to the hair as it may linger for a longer period of time than a body application.

Due to their adjustable strength, body mists are ideal for fragrance layering. You can layer them on top of your favorite body lotions and body oils or you can layer them on top of your perfume if you want to add an element of interest to your favorite fragrance.

Alternatively, if you want to be able to control how strong your scent of the day is, body mists are a great option because you have more control over how much of the fragrance you’re applying due to the lesser concentration of oil in the formula.

Fragrance Layering with the Vanilla Skin Collection

One route you can take when fragrance layering is to use the same fragrance across your routine, starting in the shower or bath. This will not only increase the potency of the fragrance you’re wearing, but it will also increase its wear time. In the case of our Vanilla Skin collection, you can initially apply the perfume and then throughout the day, have the complimentary body mist available to re-invigorate the overall impression.

Enjoy our modern, multidimensional take on an intoxicating sensual gourmand!

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