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Tips For Layering Fragrances

What is Fragrance Layering?

When it comes to high-end perfumes, the thought of layering scents can feel counterintuitive and all together confusing. The origin of fragrance layering was initially suggested to help give longevity to your favorite scent. The process is to adhere the fragrance molecules to the skin in a variety of formats so as to “hang on” to the aroma throughout the day or evening.

Fragrance layering has evolved to include not only layering the same fragrance in different formats but to actually use different but complementary fragrances in your layering steps. A fruity floral bath & shower gel with a floral amber body lotion can add dimension and depth to the olfactory impression. The layering process can be totally inspirational and customized while keeping in mind the notes and accords you are essentially blending. You want it to stay within the same olfactory family or subfamily in order to “connect” the fragrant applications.

Through layering, you can create a unique scent all on your own. Try creating a customized scent each season without going out of your way to find something entirely new.

How Do You Layer Different Scents?

When layering scents, you want to experiment by mixing and matching scents with similar profiles or olfactive aromas to create a fragrance unique to you–something familiar, but completely your own. If you are trying to increase the longevity of the fragrance, you will want to start with stronger or heavier scents to act as a base.

Another route you can take when layering is to use the same fragrance across your routine, starting in the shower or bath. This will not only increase the potency of the fragrance you’re wearing, but it will also increase its wear time.

Step-By-Step Guide to Layering Body Care Scents:

1. Start the layering process by using a scented bath soap or body wash in your shower or bath. If your goal is to build fragrance strength and longevity, then determine your complete regime prior to initial application. If you don’t plan on using products with the same fragrance, use a soap/body wash with a similar aroma profile to ensure it will mesh well with the scents you’re introducing later in your routine.

2. Towel dry lightly after exiting the shower/bath and apply a scented lotion to not only lock in the fragrance you applied in the shower, but also to lock moisture on your skin. Fragrance molecules will adhere to the oils in the lotion formula and moisture on your skin so this step is pivotal in scent layering.

3. As an added step, apply your favorite body oil (either fragranced or no fragrance). Best to apply heavier formats last because lightweight formulas will soak in faster.

4. Last step but certainly not least is the application of your favorite body mist, perfume oil or eau de parfum. Phlur Vanilla Skin Body Mist and Missing Person EDP both make for great final step layering.

Which Phlur Perfumes Layer “Daringly” Well Together?

Missing Person + Solar Power

Sheer floral nuances of jasmine and glowing orange blossom pair well with the warm solar floral accords of neroli, jasmine, and orange flower. Shop Missing Person and Solar Power.

Apricot Privee + Somebody Wood

A warm base of rich tonka, creamy sandalwood, and striking agarwood, blends beautifully with the leathery saffron accords and spicy amber. Shop Apricot Privee and Somebody Wood.

Lost Cause + Father Figure

A true fusion of fresh, green, woody-floral scents to enhance longevity and complexity. Shop Lost Cause and Father Figure.

Vanilla Skin Body Mist + Strawberry Letter

A modern combination of sensual gourmand and fruity accords deliver an unexpectedly chic mix with a burst of brightness. Shop Vanilla Skin and Strawberry Letter.

More Popular Perfume Layering Options:

Apricot Privee + Not Your Baby

A modern fruit-forward fragrance combined with floral spicy vanilla, tonka bean and sensual sandalwood notes is truly an undeniable head turner. Shop Apricot Privee and Not Your Baby.

Tangerine Boy + Somebody Wood

Juicy citrus layered with the creamy sandalwood and spicy amber notes provide the ultimate cozy and warm blanket of aromatic appeal. Shop Tangerine Boy and Somebody Wood

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