neroli scent

Neroli Scent in Perfumery

What Is Neroli?

Neroli is a delicate, sweet citrusy floral scent with fresh green undertones.


In 17th Century Italy, the Princess of Nerola first obtained Neroli oil from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, which also produces the orange blossom scent. It is now extracted via a different process which results in a slightly more citrus and bitter scent compared to the sweeter scent of orange blossom.


Neroli is a versatile scent in the sense that it can be used as a top and base note in perfumery to impart a different impact on the fragrance.

Ingredient Type:

Though neroli can be obtained from raw material sources such as the bitter orange, the safe synthetic nerolidol form is used for environmental sustainability.

What Does Neroli Smell Like?

Neroli has a fresh, floral and citrus scent profile that is light and relaxing. Imagine taking a deep breath under a citrus tree in the Italian countryside.

Variations of Neroli in Perfumery:

The variety in the scent of neroli is based on the ingredient type. As mentioned, the synthetic nerolidol variety is becoming increasingly popular as it takes 1 kilogram of flowers to produce 1 gram of the neroli essential oil.

What Fragrance Family is Neroli in?

Not surprisingly, Neroli is found in the Fresh fragrance family but more specifically in the Citrus fragrance sub-family.

Phlur Perfumes Containing Neroli: