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When To Use A Perfume Vs. A Body Mist

When it comes to picking out a fragrance, we tend to lean toward olfactory notes that appeal to us and work well when sprayed on our skin. A perfume truly does reflect a person’s personality or energy and emotion of the moment. It’s a fun way to communicate without talking. But what about all the different formats that a fragrance can come in when purchasing a product? How do you decide what is the appropriate format application for the moment or the occasion? Just like skin care or body care, fragrance products come in different “strengths”. A “splash” of fragrance can seem very subtle and complimentary or a full “spray” can linger with us all day or evening.

Key Differences Between a Perfume and Body Mist

In general, the perfume industry has set these qualifications for formats:

  • Eau Fraiche is considered the lightest concentration at 1-2% fragrance oil.
  • Eau de Cologne (EDC) contains from 3 to 5% of fragrance oil.
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT) is composed of 12 to 15% of fragrance oil.
  • Eau de Parfum's (EDP) percentage of fragrance oil ranges from 15 to 25%.
  • Parfum/Perfume (rollerball or solid) contains from 25 to 35% of fragrance oil.

A Body & Hair Mist was created to sit in between a cologne and an EDT. It also differs in its alcohol content versus water so as to be able to be sprayed on the hair and body without drying out the skin. It performs in a more subtle way as to be applied alone or layered with other perfumes with ease.

When To Use A Perfume

A perfume can project and carry an impressive sillage, this is the “trail” or “wake” of the scent that follows the wearer. Keep in mind that an EDT or EDP Perfume is meant to leave a bit of a trail so we recommend a perfume for occasions where a wake of your perfume is a lovely occurrence. A perfume is also developed to have longer wear times depending on the particular blend of notes.

When To Use A Body Mist

A body mist is a lighter, less intense fragrance application for both the body and, in some cases, the hair. Phlur's Fine Fragrance Body & Hair Mists are blended with less alcohol as well as fragrance to ensure a non-drying, more subtle application that clings beautifully to the skin and hair. A body mist is recommended for occasions where a less intense and shorter wear time are preferred.

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