Cyclamen Scent in Perfumery

What Is Cyclamen?

Cyclamen is a sweet and floral fragrance note derived from the cyclamen flower. Known for its versatility, it can enhance and complement a variety of other fragrance ingredients.


Cyclamen was first introduced to the perfume industry in the 1980s, originating in Europe, the plant's native region. Its popularity as a fragrance note has grown exponentially, due to its distinctive sweet, floral, and green scent.


Cyclamen is typically utilized as a top or middle note in perfume development to create a fresh, floral, and sometimes spicy fragrance. Its purpose is to enhance the scent and balance the perfume's aroma by introducing a light, bright and sweet element. With its impressively versatile scent profile, cyclamen complements a variety of other fragrance notes.

Ingredient Type:

Cyclamen is now a synthetic ingredient in perfumery, because the natural aroma compound found in the cyclamen plant is extremely rare and expensive. Also, synthesizing the aroma compound enables greater consistency and control over the scent in the final product.

Scent Profile:

In perfume, cyclamen has a floral, green, and slightly spicy scent. It is described as fresh, delicate, and reminiscent of lilies or roses with a hint of pepper.

Variations of Cyclamen in Perfumery:

In perfumery, there are many variations of synthesized cyclamen used to create specific scent profiles. These include:

  • Cyclamen Aldehyde for a fresh and floral aroma

  • Methyl Cyclamen Aldehyde for a more intense, spicy and sweet scent

  • Cyclamen Alcohol for a softer, more well-rounded floral scent

  • Methyl Cyclamen Alcohol for a warm, woody and slightly spicy aroma

With these variations, perfumers can precisely refine the fragrance, adding specific floral and spicy notes to achieve the desired scent profile.

What Fragrance Family is Cyclamen in?

Cyclamen belongs to the Floral fragrance family, characterized by its fresh, powdery and green notes with delicate hints of rose and peppery spices.

Phlur Perfumes Containing Cyclamen: