What Are Middle Notes In Perfumery?

The middle notes in a fragrance–often referred to as heart notes–are scent interpretations that become present as the initial first aromas start to evaporate. After the top notes are no longer prominent, a perfume evolves into this next level on the fragrance pyramid.  The heart notes impart a nice balance to the top notes and can last anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. These notes create a more well-rounded fragrance profile and make up around 40-70% of the perfume’s profile.

Middle notes work specifically to interpret the main impression that the perfumer wants to convey.  The “heart” reference intentionally implies it’s the key anatomy accord of the customized blend.  Florals, one of the most popular olfactive families for middle notes, can include rose, orange flower, jasmine, and neroli aromas. 

For a modern take on a white floral fragrance, Phlur’s Phloria with its middle notes of ylang essential oil, golden gardenia, and tuberose, truly delivers a contemporary twist. With its stylish interpretation of a rose fragrance by including heart notes of pure rose absolute and pink pepper–the rosy perfume lover will find Phlur’s Ameline to be their new “go to”.