Bergamot Scent in Perfumery

What Is Bergamot?

Bergamot is a fruity citrus scent with mild spicy and floral undertones. 

Origin of Bergamot:

Bergamot is the oil expression product from the citrus rinds of the Citrus Bergamia tree. The word “bergamot” has origins rooted in the Turkish word “beg-armudi”, meaning the prince’s pear, as well as origins from the city of Bergamo in Italy. 


Bergamot is commonly used as a top note to add vibrance to the fragrance.

Ingredient Type:

As bergamot oil is a scent derived from the rinds of the bergamot fruit, it is a natural raw material.  

What Does Bergamot Smell Like?

The scent profile associated with bergamot is fresh and citrus. It is similar to the scent of orange with the roundness and floral notes of lemon.

Variations of Bergamot in Perfumery:

The scent of bergamot in perfumery is heavily dependent on the time of year the fruit was harvested. The scent impression can lean more floral or fresh depending on the time of the harvest.

What Fragrance Family is Bergamot in?

Bergamot is found in the Fresh fragrance family, but more specifically the Citrus fragrance sub-family.  

Phlur Perfumes Containing Bergamot: