top notes in perfume

What Are Top Notes In Perfumery?

Top notes are the first scents you encounter upon applying perfume to skin or a fragrance blotter, lasting from 10 minutes to an hour due to their volatility and lightness. These initial aromas, often sparking an immediate sensory reaction, are known as 'top' notes in perfumery. Positioned at the peak of the fragrance olfactory pyramid, they symbolize the primary role in scent interpretation, delivering the initial olfactory response and setting the stage for the entire fragrance blend.

Top notes work specifically to grab your attention and often utilize scents from the Fresh Olfactive Family as these are known to dissipate quicker. Think citrus and fruit notes–like tangerine, lemon, bergamot, berries and apricot. Or subtle herbs like basil or lavender.

If you prefer a juicy scent, you’ll enjoy Phlur’s Apricot Privee. The top of the perfume consists of apricot, plum, and cardamom notes. Those that enjoy a more interesting take on a fruity top accord, may think Phlur’s Lost Cause is a great place to start. With top notes of bergamot, cassis leaves, crisp apple, and rhubarb, it’s sure to grab attention before it transitions.

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