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Phlur’s Most Seductive Scents

What Defines a Seductive Scent?

Captivating, enticing, provocative, and truly irresistible….these are a few words that come to mind when one closes their eyes and envisions the aroma of a scent that is sensual and alluring. Notes of musk, sandalwood, heliotrope, guaiac wood and soft powdery scents bring recognizable allure and a seductive nature.

What has recently emerged as an appealing trend are the new “skin” fragrances that are igniting responses like “if nude were a perfume, this is it”. Our Missing Person Perfume’s fragrance composition embodies this tagline. What can be more enticing than a scent described as a better version of our own natural skin scent. Along these same lines our new sultry skin-on-skin fragrance, Soft Spot Perfume, captures the essence of a caress with its irresistible fusion of soft citrus, watery florals, glowing amber and velvety musk. A scent embrace for an irresistible aura of seduction.

Whether you recognize the notes that make you feel your sensual self or if just wearing a particular fragrance embodies this self assured feeling, a person can apply a seductive definition to either situation. Confidence, a positive self image and an inner glow are the wonderful effects of wearing your favorite scent knowing you feel your best.

Phlur’s Most Seductive Perfume & Body Mist Scents:

Missing Person Perfume

A delicate, yet addictive fragrance that evokes the lingering scent of your lover’s skin. Brought to life by comforting accords of white musk, enhanced by sheer floral nuances of jasmine and glowing orange blossom and fused with a light trail of soft transparent woods, Missing Person is pure, provocative and undeniably familiar.

Somebody Wood Perfume

A sensual embrace. Not afraid of intimacy. A bright burst of bergamot floats into watery cyclamen and leathery saffron accords before grounding itself in creamy sandalwood and spicy amber. Somebody Wood is cozy, warm, and undeniably sexy. You may have found the one.

Father Figure Perfume

Commanding yet tender at the same time. Rooted in lushness, Father Figure is a vivid green fragrance that captures the intimate feeling of cool. Opening with fleshy fig and dewy cassis, then folding into a creamy sandalwood, orris root, vanilla madagascar, Father Figure is layered and vibrant. Skin musks and sheer patchouli add intimacy and sensuality.

Soft Spot Perfume

Indulge in the magnetic allure of intimacy and intoxicating pleasure. Soft Spot is a sultry skin-on-skin fragrance that captures the essence of your desire with a charming caress. The irresistible fusion of soft citrus and watery florals bloom into the lingering veil of glowing amber and velvety musk that embrace you in an irresistible aura.

Vanilla Skin Body & Hair Mist

An amber woody vanilla aroma incorporating a modern spice, a touch of watery fruit, airy florals and rich warm wood notes. Vanilla Skin is our creative and intoxicating take on vanilla to bring comfort, vibrancy, intrigue and sensuality.

Amber Haze Body & Hair Mist

Amber Haze is a gourmand wood aroma utilizing a light touch of saffron on the top to tease, while jasmine absolute introduces a new layer of texture and opulence. The signature comes through the base as beautiful woods and addicting gourmand notes of amber, vanilla and musk make a bold, intoxicating statement.

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