Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the new PHLUR.

Will PHLUR still be a “clean” brand?

To me, Phlur has always been a very forward-thinking brand and that will not change.

Our philosophy on formula, ingredients, transparency and sustainability will remain the same.

What I think may change though is the language used around who we are as a brand.

I know Phlur is known as a “clean” brand, but that is a word that means different things to different people. And within the beauty industry the word “clean” isn’t regulated.

As opposed to focusing on what ingredients are not in our formulas, I’d rather focus on the ingredients we choose to use and why.

To me, that feels Modern and Intentional…maybe that’s the best way to describe who we are as a brand now.

Are Phlur fragrances still vegan?

Yes. All Phlur products are vegan.

Historically it was common to find animal derived materials in fine fragrance, but modern advancements have made it possible to replace those ingredients with man-made alternatives. Phlur has always been a vegan brand and we always will be.

Are Phlur products still cruelty free?


Phlur products have never been tested on animals and we never will.

Will you still disclose the full ingredient profile of your fragrances?

Yes. Transparency is important to us, because we know it’s important to you.

Phlur was one of the first brands to disclose the full ingredient profiles and I believe we’ve paved the way for the next wave of fragrance brands.

Are your fragrances unisex? 

Absolutely. We don’t believe any fragrance is gender specific. All that matters is that you wear what you love. You do you.

Is Phlur 100% natural?

No. We are not 100% natural.

We love botanical ingredients for their character, depth, and texture they add to fragrance, but to be a true fine fragrance brand, we believe we need to offer our perfumers a full palette of ingredients, materials, and molecules to work with which includes synthetics, too.

In addition, we may choose to use synthetics to protect some endangered botanicals, so it can be a more sustainable option.

Are you changing the packaging? Will sustainability still be a priority?

Yes. We are updating the packaging, but I think every few years a refresh is good. And it’s so so beautiful and fun. I think you are going to love the new attitude.

Sustainability is absolutely still a priority for Phlur, but I believe you can be sustainable while still being stylish and luxurious. In our updated packaging we’ve reduced our plastic usage, reduced our paper usage, and increased our use of PCR materials.

Can I exchange my old perfume bottle for a new one?

Unfortunately, we are not able to exchange old, existing fragrances for new ones.

What can we expect from Phlur’s product assortment? 

We have so much in store! I can’t wait to share it all with you soon.

We have so many new fragrances coming, developed with some of my favorite perfumers…and some of your favorites will be back,too.

But you will have to stay tuned.

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What are “top, heart and base notes?”

Top notes are the first impression. These notes evaporate quickly and give the fragrance its immediate appeal.

Heart notes are the body of the fragrance. These notes are longer-lasting and are typically complex blends.

Base notes stay on the skin after many hours. These notes are deep, sensual and long lasting.

What is your philosophy on “clean?” Are Phlur fragrances “clean?”

At Phlur, we use both botanical and tested synthetic ingredients. This is because “botanical” doesn't always equal safe or sustainable. In some cases, synthetic ingredients can be less allergenic than certain natural ingredients.

Responsible sourcing of fragrance ingredients is a priority for us. We partner with the world’s leading fragrance suppliers to ensure that we are utilizing sustainable natural materials and that we are being respectful of our environment.

We love botanical ingredients for their character and natural molecules. We love synthetics ingredients, as they offer broader fragrance possibilities while often being a more sustainable option. Combining the power of nature with the advancement of science provides our perfumers with the most diverse and robust palette to create from.

Tell me about your new, clear bottles.

We are embracing the nature of fragrance and the changes in color over time. Our fragrances are still made without BHT.

Orders, Accounts, and Discontinued Products

Shipping Questions

We ship to the contiguous U.S. only.

All orders are shipped through USPS. We ship to US residential addresses and are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes.

Standard shipping is free for orders over $60 and typically takes 3-10 days. For orders under $60, standard shipping will be charged $8.

We do not offer expedited shipping at this time.

We cannot ship to APO or FPO addresses

Because APO/FPO addresses are often international, we are not able to ship to them.

Availability in Alaska and Hawaii

We're now selling through Sephora which is able to serve Alaska and Hawaii both online and in store. Sephora carries our full-size bottles, as well as curated Sample Sets. Our new products will be available there soon. If you'd like to shop Sephora online you can here, or find a retail location near you.

Shipping to Canada 

You can purchase through Sephora in both the US and Canada. Sephora carries our full-size bottles, as well as curated Sample Sets. If you'd like to shop Sephora Canada, you can here.

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Deodorant and Hand Sanitizer

We have discontinued the sale of both deodorant and hand sanitizer on our website at this time.

The Wanderer

We've discontinued The Wanderer. However, we are bringing in all our new PHLUR fragrances (and a few of your favorites) in a travel size on our website.