resinoid in perfume

What Is a Resinoid In Perfume?

Resinoids are commonly used as perfumery additives in many cosmetic products and fragrances. Resinoids are exudates from plants that are resinous, meaning they are connected with or produce a very sticky, thick and viscous substance called resin. Resin can typically be referred to as the sap that is found in certain trees, such as pine. However, different types of trees harvest different smelling resins, especially when hardened. When resin undergoes the hardening process of polymerization and is eventually solidified, its consistency transforms into amber. Amber presents with a beautiful golden color and gives off a very warm, rich and sensual scent. Another popular resinous compound that is used in formulating a fragrance is balsam, which represents a very earthy scent.

In perfumery, resin elements are very useful compounds essential in creating perfumes that are more intricate. Resins convey naturally sweet and spicy aromas, hence why they are fairly common in many well recognized perfumes in the market today.