hesperidic oils

What Does Hesperidic Mean In Perfumery?

Hesperidic is a term used to describe the fruit elements of a citrus plant or citrus peel. In the fragrance industry, hesperidic oils are well noted for their freshness. The essential oils extracted from citrus fruits, including lemons, oranges, tangerines, bergamot and orange flowers, help make up the Hesperide or Citrus family. The refreshing and energizing aromas derived from these specific oils have increased in popularity in the world of perfumery. Because these citrus extracts are so versatile and uplifting, they are suitable in both mens, womens and unisex fragrances, especially during the spring and summer time.

To retrieve these essential oils from the fruit rind, cold pressing is the commonly used method. During this process, direct pressure is applied to the fruit to break down and separate the fibrous components of fruits and seeds from the actual fruit oils. Cold pressed processing allows the citrus scents to be very adaptable, ranging from intricate blends of floral components to more woody elements.