Phlur’s New Fine Fragrance Body Mists

Phlur’s New Fine Fragrance Body Mists

What is a Fine Fragrance Body & Hair Mist?

When it comes to presenting a custom fragrance oil blend, there are many different formats for this to be accomplished. The term “perfume” references some of the formats that contain a high percentage of fragrance oil. When describing our Fine Fragrance Body & Hair Mists, we would essentially present them as lighter, less intense applications. This lighter application, with a lower fragrance oil percentage, allows for an all-over application as well as the ability to layer.

When creating a body mist, the amount of fragrance oil included in the formula is much different than that of an eau de parfum or eau de toilette - sometimes the amount of fragrance oil is reduced by more than half that of what you would see in the typical EDP or EDT. This percentage reduction is determined by the fragrance itself and the specific notes.

How to Use a Body & Hair Mist:

Typically a body mist is used in one of two ways, it either acts as a layer when fragrance layering or it is used in place of a perfume (EDT or EDP). One of the key benefits of using a body mist is the ability to control how strong the fragrance you’re wearing presents to you and to others. A lighter presence can be appealing especially when applied to the hair as it may linger for a longer period of time than a body application.

Because of this control of the application strength, body mists work well for fragrance layering. You can layer them on top of your favorite body lotions and body oils or you can layer them on top of your perfume if you want to add an element of interest to your favorite fragrance.

Alternatively, if you want to be able to control how strong your scent of the day is, body mists are a great option because you have more control over how much of the fragrance you’re applying due to the lesser concentration of oil in the formula.

Our Fine Fragrance Body & Hair Mist Scents

Phlur is excited to add body and hair mists to our collection of custom, high-end quality fragrance options. Take a moment to enjoy any and all fragrance formats from EDPs, rollerball perfumes, lotions, washes, candles and now mists.

Vanilla Skin

An amber woody vanilla aroma - The perfumer used modern spice, a touch of watery fruit, airy florals and rich warm wood notes to create this intoxicating take on vanilla to bring comfort, vibrancy, intrigue and sensuality.

Mango Mood

A chypre fruity aroma - The perfumer used juicy fruits with a touch of pink pepper to introduce a playful twist that unfolds into a darker, more seductive floral heart to keep the intrigue. With the back of patchouli, vanilla and brown sugar, you are undoubtedly hooked, infatuated and craving for more.

Amber Haze

A gourmand wood aroma - The perfumer used a light touch of saffron on the top to tease, while jasmine absolute introduces a new layer of texture and opulence. The signature comes through the base as beautiful woods and addicting gourmand notes of amber, vanilla and musk make a bold, intoxicating statement.

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