Gift. Ever.

Best. Gift. Ever.

We call it The Quintessential Gift.
It’s $95, and we do the work,
you get the props.

Your special someone will...

Your special
someone will...


Receive a
personalized card

Physical or virtual, the choice is yours. Either way, it’ll serve as a guide through the full gift experience.


Choose three
sample bottles

A month's worth of fragrance, chosen from our collection of six by the lucky recipient (with our help).


Pick a bottle of fragrance

After sampling, your special someone will pick out the big prize: a full-sized bottle of fragrance. (And yep, we help with this part, too.)

All for $95

“Every time they spritz, they’ll think of what an awesome friend you are.”

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Choose a card type

Do you want to send a digital gift card, or an in-the-flesh one?

Let's Go Digital

Let's Go Digital

You write the note. We send the email. Swift and sweet.

Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical

You write the note. We send the card. Less swift (in a good way). Still sweet.

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Choose a delivery date *

*Just note: We can only promise delivery within a 3-day window.

Need it by Father's Day? Order by 2 p.m. on June 14th, or go back and choose a digital card whenever you’re ready.

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Choose a delivery date.

Send your card immediately, or schedule it for a special day in the future.

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So, who’s the lucky recipient?



Where would you like the gift card sent?

Your gift speaks volumes, but a nice note never hurts. (Also, a note is required to continue.)

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