How The Wanderer works.

A primer on filling our travel case with your favorite fragrance.

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Remove the spray head from your fragrance bottle.

Take off the cap. Pinch the very top, where the spout is. Pull!

Pro tip: You may need to wiggle it a little to pry it loose. Don't worry, it won't break. Worst case, find whomever opens jars for you, and have them give it a try.


Connect The Wanderer to your fragrance bottle.

There’s a red circle on the bottom. Put that directly on top of your bottle’s nozzle and push down. Boom—you’re connected.


Pump it up.

Press The Wanderer up and down on the fragrance bottle, just like you’re spritzing. As you do, you’ll pump it full with goodness.


Conquer the world with confidence.

You’re all set, amazing fragrance is just a spritz away.

Pro tip: When replacing your fragrance bottle’s spray head, point the nozzle AWAY from your person. Trust us on this one.