The Cools

A tranquil trio brimming with fresh green notes, cool earthy elements and salty sea air. Bask in the crisp. Linger in the lush. Soak up the serene.

Set Includes:

A cool and serene escape. Rare Nepalese timur pepper wafts into velvety violet before snuggling into warm cedar and damp oakmoss. 

Greylocke drifts along the edges of nature’s vibrancy. Fresh sea salt crashes into woody birch leaf before finding its footing in earthy green accords. Greylocke is earthy and elegant, refreshing and refined. 

Olmsted & Vaux
Crisp and clean. Lush and fresh. Subtle yet complex. Olmstead & Vaux evokes a bold burst of bergamot that calmly unfolds to a sophisticated base of orange blossoms, cut greens and earthy vetiver.