An interpretation of our bestselling Hanami fragrance, Annica entices with fresh fig, white florals, creamy sandalwood and warm musk. A deeply personal, inimitable scent, Annica is both sweet and spicy, clean and creamy, familiar and thrilling.

Made from a concentrated, plant-based, soy-apricot-coconut wax, each candle is hand-poured into a sleek ceramic vessel to be used over and over again.

No paraffins, parabens, phthalates or animal products.

“Hanami is bold without being loud, weightless but grounded. It’s stirring. It reserves its most lasting, most memorable notes for those you allow to get close. It has a reverent subtlety and a warm embrace, inviting and complex at the same time. You may never know what makes up Hanami, but you won’t forget it either."

Nathalie Benareau, Hanami Perfumer

The Hanami

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